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About Cobtech

Cobtech SA is situated in Free State Province, the central maize producing region of South Africa.

South Africa is a major maize producing country supplying maize and maize meal products, the staple diet for most of it's people and of it's neighbours.

The sunny and dry weather conditions befor harvesting, June to August, produce high grade maize which is left to dry naturally on the lands.

These ideal climatic conditions that produce maize of high quality also produce maize cobs with high absorbency and abrasive qualities.

The Cobtech cob processing plant is of modern design producing a range of granular maize cob products of high quality.

From the Humble Corn Cob to

AMAIZING pet care litter and bedding


For over four decades US companies have been harvesting maize to produce high quality pet care litter and bedding from the humble corncob. Natural organic corncob litter and bedding is super absorbent (thus controlling ammonia levels), has no resin and additives such as sodium bentonite, and is virtually dust free. As the dust inherent in clay and silica litter has in US studies been blamed for causing serious respiratory problems in cats, corncob pet care litter and bedding have the properties to make them the product of choice. Leading SA pet breeders have made corncob bedding and litter their product of choice, over the wood based, clay or silica litters.


Corncob litter can safely be toilet-flushed, making life easy for city dwellers. It also contains no scent additives that put off cats, and absorbs wetness from the bottom up. Odour control is no problem if the litter box is kept clean, with daily removal of eliminates. Corncob litter and bedding is also very lightweight for easy handling and storage, and economical when comparing volume and weight to other available litter and bedding.


Pet owners in SA had until recently only a choice between wood shavings and sawdust for bedding, and clay or silica for cat litter. This has now changed with the first commercial production in SA by Cobtech SA CC of a range of granulated maize cob bedding and cat litter suitable for use for all small animals, rodents, birds and reptiles.


Cobtech SA CC has now brought to SA the “Amaizing” range of pet care products, Amaizing Bio Cat Litter and Amaizing Bio Pet Bedding. Packed in 2 kg bags and available at your local vet or pet shop Spar, Super Spar and Quick Spar Kwa-Zulu Natal, Pretoria, Midrand, Mapumalanga and North West Province and at the Pick and Pay Hypermarkets countrywide. For the Pet Breeders we offer 25kg bags. For more information or to get the details of your nearest shop please contact the factory directly.


Try it you’ll be Amaized!!